Mixing & Mastering Service

Hi! I'm officially opening a Mixing and Mastering service!

Any musician who wants to go pro or serious will inevitably meet these two processes. They are not easy to do, for various reasons.

One reason is, mixing and mastering processes requires certain hardware and software, they are not cheap to say the least. Other reason would be the skill-set needed, good ear, good taste, good knowledge and technical skill to operate these elusive and "geeky" devices.

Lastly, you'd want your mixing engineer to have experience and good communication skill. Mixing and mastering can be very complicated and tricky, so having a poor communication is the worst thing you'd want to happen there, don't you agree?

Let's get right to business then. You can listen to my works right here:

Here's the price list:

Level1 Mix (up to 20 stems) €100
Level2 Mix (up to 30 stems) €125
Level3 Mix (up to 40 stems) €150


* Rates above include up to 2 revisions, mastering, effects and automations

Optional charges:

Resound/reamp €5-25
Pitch/timing correction €25-50
4 days deadline €10
2 days deadline €20
Additional revision €20
Arrangement/direction €20-40
Stereo Mastering €25 per song
Mastering Preview €12 (your time and mine are equally expensive, yes?)


* 10% Discount available if you mix at least 4 songs.
* 15% Discount available if you mix at least 8 songs.
*Discounts are calculated from total cost.

Payment is done via PayPal or bank transfer. 50% upfront and the rest after I finish the work.

Consultation is free of charge! Thank you and have a nice day!


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