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A retro-inspired 2D Action RPG in which you play as a Bellwielder to retrieve souls of missing people and restore the world's fallen civilization.

Inspired by Quintet ENIX classics (Soul Blazer, Terranigma). Anuchard tells a story about rebuilding civilization from scratch also the relationship with its deities.

♦ Rebuild Anuchard's fallen civilization!

Throughout the game you will retrieve more villagers. It could be a chef, farmer, herbalist, or even seaweed enthusiast. Each villager will contribute to your town and also give you various benefits in combat.

♦ Action-packed knockback battle system! Your weapon? It’s a bell!

With Audros Bell in hand, use it to knock enemies, objects, and solve puzzles! Battle various enemies with different Armor types in hand-crafted retro style dungeon.

♦ Solve Dungeon puzzles!

Master the knock back mechanic and solve various puzzles inside the Dungeon!

♦ Cook a hearthy meal in the Orchard!

Cook different kinds of foods before going to the Dungeon! Different foods will grant you unique abilities and status increases!

♦ Get powered up by food!

Different food will grant different abilities, try out different dishes to discover abilities that suit your play style!



clea leshlick · anuchard
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